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Schlotzsky's Corporate Headquarters: 5620 Glenridge Drive NE
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guest relations

For guest relations, please contact:
(800) 846-BUNS (2867)
9 am - 6 pm Eastern Time, Monday - Friday

If you received a Bun Buzz survey invitation on your receipt please visit BunBuzz.com or call (817) 617-8229 to complete the survey.


We know you have questions. Hopefully, these answers will help you.


  • How do I become a Schlotzsky's franchisee?
  • Franchise opportunities are now available for experienced and passionate individuals. For more information, click here to go directly to our franchising site
  • I know of the perfect place for a Schlotzsky’s restaurant! Where do I send the info?
  • We’re always on the lookout for the perfect location for new Schlotzsky’s restaurants. To submit a site for consideration, please submit site info to realestate@schlotzskys.com.


  • I’m looking for donations or sponsorships. Who do I contact?
  • We are committed to giving back to the community and we are closely involved with many civic and educational organizations, particularly our corporate national cause, JDRF.

    Each Schlotzsky’s restaurant and/or city determine their own donations and sponsorships. Please contact the local restaurant in your area for requests. If you are an Austin-area organization and would like to request that Schlotzsky’s sponsor your program, event or organization, please complete this Donation Request form and e-mail it along with a cover letter on your organization’s official letterhead and a copy of your 501(c)(3) certification (if applicable) to donationrequests@schlotzskys.com.

    Please note – requests must be submitted at least four weeks prior to your event. The submission of this request does not obligate Schlotzsky’s in any way or manner. If your organization or event is outside the Austin, Texas-area, please direct your request to your local Schlotzsky’s restaurant for information about their charitable giving program. Many individual  partners of Schlotzsky’s restaurants around the country are involved in their local communities.


  • Where can I find nutritional information for your menu?
  • Just click the Menu tab at the top of this page, click the item you want to see, and then Nutritional Facts button. You can download a full printable version of our menu or you may go directly to the item and click on it for nutritional information.
  • Does your menu include allergen information?
  • We do include allergen information with our menu. Just click the Menu tab at the top of this page and then click the Allergen Scorecard button. If you have specific questions about allergens and/or ingredients, feel free to call us at 1-800-846-BUNS (2867).
  • Do you have dining options for kids?
  • We love the little ones and make sure we have something special for them on our menu. Just click the Menu tab at the top of this page and then scroll down to our Kid's Meals section.


  • I think Schlotzsky’s would be an awesome place to work. Where do I send my résumé?
  • Since most locations are individually owned and operated, you should contact the location you would like to work at directly and inquire with them regarding employment opportunities. You can also visit our Careers page for a list of openings at our Home Office in Austin.


  • What do you cater and how much does it cost?
  • Schlotzsky’s can handle any of your catering needs – from tailgates to birthday parties to business meetings and everything in between. We offer sandwich trays, individual boxed lunches, pizzas, wraps, desserts, drinks and more. Click here to learn more about our offerings and order Schlotzsky’s catering for your event.
  • What is Schlotzsky's® Catering?
  • The same deliriously craveable Schlotzsky's food our guests have loved for years, just 'super-sized' for parties, meetings and events, and packaged for optimal temperature and transport.
  • How do I place a catering order?
  • We offer two convenient ways for ordering Schlotzsky's catering:
  • What is included with my Schlotzsky's catering order?
  • We pride ourselves here at Schlotzsky's with ease of ordering. This means we not only make it easy for you to place your order, but we will provide you with all paper goods, disposables and condiments. Our goal is to make Schlotzsky's catering a one-stop shop for your needs! Yippee!
  • What if my group has special dietary needs?
  • Not a problem. Our menu offers a wide array of vegetarian and gluten-sensitive options at select locations. If you are unsure what to order, give our Catering Specialists a call. They are happy to help!
  • Can I mix and match sandwiches when I order a sandwich trays?
  • Variety is the spice of life, so we encourage trying a few different sandwiches. We have three types of sandwich trays, each with a variety of sandwich options. Check out the party trays or place your Schlotzsky's catering order now.
  • Can I order Cinnabon with my Schlotzskys catering
  • Absolutely! Life needs frosting, right? Most locations offer Cinnabon, so find your favorite Schlotzsky's restaurant with Cinnabon.
  • We are tax exempt. How do we ensure we don’t get charged tax on our orders?
  • You will need to provide us with a copy of your tax exempt form before we can remove the tax from your order. Email the form to catering@schlotzskys.com, once we receive the form, we can change your account status to tax exempt and you won’t ever have to fool with that pesky thing again. Our super smart computer system will remember!
  • Have more Schlotzsky's catering questions?
  • View the catering FAQ on our catering site.


  • How do I sign up for Schlotzsky’s Rewards?
  • Download the Schlotzsky’s Rewards app and select “Signup”. If you do not have a smart phone, go to the Sign Up page to manage your Schlotzsky’s Rewards account online.
  • How does the Schlotzsky’s Rewards program work?
  • Every dollar you spend gets you 2 points. Once you reach 50 points, you will be able to redeem your points for chips, a drink, or a cookie. All receipts must be submitted within 72 hours and you can only scan once every 4 hours.
  • How do I earn points to get my rewards?
  • Spend $1 or more and scan the barcode from your receipt. We have barcode functionality built into the app so there is no need to download a scanner.
  • How do I earn points?
  • Go to the Rewards tab on your Schlotzsky’s Rewards app and hit Earn Points. If you are in-store, the cashier will scan your unique QR Code or look up your account with your phone number. If you have already completed your transaction and have our app, select “Scan Receipt Barcode” or “Enter Receipt Barcode Number” to populate your order details. If you have already completed your transaction and do not have our app, log in at the Sign In page and go to “Earn a Punch” to enter your receipt barcode. If you are ordering online, your loyalty account will automatically pair with your order.
  • Do my points ever expire?
  • Yes, your points will expire after 180 days of inactivity. Inactivity is defined as no new points earned.
  • Do I need to enter all the requested information on the “Profile” page?
  • A few fields are required for us to deliver rewards and offers to you. Once provided, you will be assigned an account that will help us track your visits and rewards. However, adding additional information will help us be able to send you offers and rewards that relate to you.
  • What should I do if I forget my password?
  • Go to the login page, type your email address, and click reset password. A link to reset your password will be emailed to your account. If you do not remember your email address, please sign up again.
  • How can I locate the nearest Schlotzsky’s restaurant?
  • Go to the store tab on your phone. If your settings are selected to automatically find your location, the nearest Schlotzsky’s will automatically populate. If your settings are not set up to do this, you will need to type in your zip code.
  • What should I do if I change phones but want to continue to use the Schlotzsky’s rewards program?
  • You will need to download the Schlotzsky’s app on your new phone. Then, log in using your Schlotzsky’s rewards username and password. All your points, offers, and rewards will carry over to the new phone.
  • Am I able to access Schlotzsky’s Rewards on my phone, tablet, and computer?
  • Yes, you can access your rewards on all devices. On phones and tablets just install the app and log in. For desktop visit our website and log in. To earn your visit on the website, go to the ‘earn a punch’ section, and enter the barcode on your receipt.
  • Once you redeem your points for a reward, when does your reward expire?
  • Once you redeem your points for a reward, the reward will expire 14 days after receiving it. If you do not use your reward your points will be credited back to your account.
  • Can I redeem my points for cash?
  • No, points, and rewards cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Can anyone enroll in the Schlotzsky’s Reward Program?
  • Yes if you’re over the age of 13 you can be a member.
  • Can I earn points on a catering purchase?
  • At this time you cannot earn points on a catering purchase.
  • Can I use my rewards with my online order purchases?
  • Each reward has a legal disclaimer which lets you know if the offer is valid in-store or online.
  • Why does Schlotzsky’s require my favorite location?
  • We use your favorite location to send you local personalized offers.

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