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We Double Meat Dare You
Think you can eat a large Double the Meat Original faster than our chef without doubling over? Post a video using #DoubleTheMeatContest on social and you could win 2 years' worth of free sandwiches.
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you're not seeing double

It’s been our experience that everything is better when doubled. A double shot of espresso. Double-stuffed cookies. Double entendres. The same goes for our the original. It’s got all the same fresh and delicious ingredients as the original, but double the meat. Double the lean smoked ham. Double the genoa salami. And double the cotto salami. So what we’re saying is that seeing double is a good thing.

How to Play

  • Check out the video of our chef absolutely crushing the sandwich.
  • Film a video of yourself taking down a large Double the Meat Original of your own.
  • BEAT HIS TIME to qualify. You've got to eat the whole sandwich.
  • No messing around with the video (we see you, video gurus). We need to see a clock, watch, sun dial, proof that you're not cheating.

You'll get points for being original. Eat the sandwich with one hand tied behind your back. Eat it with both hands tied behind your back. Blindfolded. Vs. a friend. Whatever you do, just make it fun. Make it original. And make sure it beats our chef's time.

Whatever you do, be sure to use #DoubleTheMeatContest on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to qualify.

Terms and Conditions

Double the meat promotion

1 00:00:00,380 --> 00:00:03,250 - Hey everybody, I'm Chef Jason here at Schlotzsky's. 2 00:00:03,250 --> 00:00:05,800 We created a new double-the-meat promotion. 3 00:00:05,800 --> 00:00:10,800 We want you, to beat me, eating this huge original sandwich. 4 00:00:11,150 --> 00:00:13,510 You're gonna beat my time, we're gonna have prizes, 5 00:00:13,510 --> 00:00:14,960 you're gonna post it online. 6 00:00:14,960 --> 00:00:15,948 Here we go 7 00:00:15,948 --> 00:00:16,916 (timer beeping) 8 00:00:16,916 --> 00:00:19,916 (upbeat funk music) 9 00:00:56,317 --> 00:00:59,444 (moves into slow guitar music) 10 00:00:59,444 --> 00:01:01,752 (clapping) 11 00:01:01,752 --> 00:01:02,623 - [Man] Nice! 12 00:01:02,623 --> 00:01:04,956 (cheering)

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