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Schlotzsky's Day is October 2nd!

Small The Original is only $1.99 all day!

We're throwin' it back on a frisbee! Get a small The Original for only $1.99 all day. We'll serve it to the first 200 guests on a frisbee, just like we used to.

We Go Way Back

Picture this: it’s 1971. Our first shop opens on South Congress in Austin. We serve only one sandwich—The Original®, and it’s only available in large. Eventually, the place starts packing ‘em in. So here we are, serving these mammoth sandwiches in a shoebox-sized shop. If you’re willing to get really cozy, our family-style tables and counter seats hold 19 people, max. Everyone—musicians, bankers, hippies, ranchers— sits together. Those who can’t fit eat their sandwiches on the curb out front. Now cut to present day. Not too much has changed: we still bake our buns from scratch every single morning. We’re still not afraid to be a little different. We fuse aged traditions with handcrafted chef creations. Our shops have a little more elbow room than our first location and that’s our way of saying, “Kick back. Stay a while. Glad you’re here.”

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